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CNC Router Essentials: Basics For Mastering The CNC

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CNC Router Essentials: Basics For Mastering The CNC

CNC Router Essentials: Basics For Mastering The CNC allows you to maximize the potential of your CNC. If your looking to increase your productivity then this user manual makes complete sense.  Randy Johnson and George Vondriska will guide you through each critical step to master this amazing woodworking tool. Clear concise instructions with illustrations.

CNC Router Essentials: Basics For Mastering The CNC Information:

  • CNC Basics
    • Machine Mechanics.
    • Workflow.
    • Software.
  • Design. Essentials.
    • Design Types.
    • Basics of creating & Using 2-D Line Drawing.
  • Toolpath Essentials.
    • Router Bits For CNC.
    • Importance Of Chip Loading.
    • Best Feeds & Speeds.
    • Primary Steps In Setting Toolpath.
  • Machine Setup.
    • Job Setup.
    • Material Hold Down Methods.
    • Zeroing X,Y, and Z Axes.
    • Testing Cutting File.
    • Spoilboard Maintenance.
  • Project Materials-
    • Lumber, Wood.
    • Composite Building Material.
    • Plastics & Foams.
  • 4- Different Practice Projects.
    • Set Up New Project File.
    • Draw Rectangles & Create Offsets.
    • Add Text.
    • Create Toolpaths For Pocketing,Profiling, & V-Carving.
    • Add Tabs.
  • 3-D Carving & Raised Lettering.
    • Insert 3-D Clip Art.
    • Create V-Carved Lettering.
    • Move & Resize Objects.
    • Create 3-D Roughing & Finishing Toolpaths.
  • Bitmap Tracing & Texture Carving.
    • Create Vectors From Bitmap Picture.
    • Create Geometric Designs.
    • Create Textured Toolpaths.
    • Machine a Chamfered Edge.
  • Two Sided Machining & 3-D Texturing.
    • Set-up a Two Sided Project File.
    • Apply Texture To 3-D Shape.
    • Register Work For 2 Sided Machining.
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