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Cognac Saman Water Based Stain 8 oz.

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0.65 LBS
  • A packaged bottle of Saman Cognac stain.
  • The Saman cognac stain applied to a board.
  • Saman Cognac Saman Water Based Stain 8 oz
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Because of their unique formulation, Saman stains are water-based solutions perfectly stabilized. It is possible to mix several colors to obtain the perfect shade.

However,Saman has created 128 new colors by combining two Saman stains. These simple recipes are found in the link below and are extremely easy to mix with effortless results.

The forgiving stain with no overlapping marks.
• No need for a conditioner.
• Needs just one coat.
• Exceptional coverage (8 oz. cover up to 50 sq.ft.).
•Ready to use.
•Tints can be mixed in any proportion, so virtually any color can be created.
•Really safe for user and environment.

Endless possibilities exist by mixing the Saman stains together!

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