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Colwood EZ Tip Puller

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 The Colwood EZ Tip Puller is the perfect accessory for anyone who struggles to remove wood burning tips. Constructed of lightweight stainless steel, the EZ Tip Puller virtually eliminates any difficulty in removing the removable tip from the Replaceable Tip Handle. Simply squeeze and pull - it's that easy! If you have arthritis and struggle to get the removable tips out, just try the EZ Tip Puller. There's no strain at all. Why not make things easier, and more enjoyable, with the EZ Tip Puller?

The Colwood EZ Tip Puller is a great addition to any wood burning toolkit. It's lightweight (under 6 ounces), made of stainless steel, and almost 5" long. Plus, it's 3" wide, making it easy to grip. Order your Colwood EZ Tip Puller today!

Colwood EZ Tip Puller Specifications

  • Lightweight under 6 ounces.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Almost 5" Long.
  • 3" Wide.
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