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Colwood Large Point Woodburning Pen

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  • A  Colwood Large Point Woodburning Fixed Tip Pen with a skew type end.
  • An example of what the Colwood Large Point Wood Burning Pen can do.
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The Colwood Large Point Woodburning Pen was designed somewhat like a straight knife-like edge or skew to be used for details on your wood burning projects. The large point tip gives you the ability to burn fine crisp and precise lines. 

 The Colwood Woodburning Fixed Tip Large Point Pen can be used in a few different ways. One is to use it to draw the tip of the Large  Point back towards yourself. Apply light pressure with the pyrography tool tip as it glides across the surface to create soft fine details. You can also use the large point tip to create a pattern of random wide curls for a heavier tone.

Colwood Large Point Woodburning Pen Specifications: 

  • Fixed Tip Wood Burning Pen.
  • Tip Style;1/4" Large Point.
  • Manufacturer - Colwood.
  • Made in the USA

Wood Burning Pen Features

The Colwood Fixed Tip is perfect for anyone who wants better heat control over their pyrography projects. With its laser-welded tip and rigid construction, this pen gives you the precision and stability you need to create beautiful pieces of art.

The Fixed Tip Pen is perfect for the artist or hobbyist who wants a larger pen body that is built for maximum durability. These pens have heavier connector posts and tips, making them the perfect choice for those who do a lot of wood burning or detailed work.

Colwood pyrography pens are ideal for woodburning, leathercrafting, and a variety of other creative pursuits. The fixed tip pen can be used with all types of wood, including both hard and softwoods, as well as leather, basswood, and cottonwood.

 To keep your tip clean, use a leather honing strop, with aluminum oxide. Simply place a small amount of oxide on the strop and pull the woodburning tip across the strop surface to clear the tip of the carbon. This is the best method because it does the least amount of damage while restoring them to a bright finish that creates clean strokes. 

You will need a Colwood Wood burning control unit to use these fixed tip pens.



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