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Deluxe Finger Guard

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Finger Guard

The Hummul Finger Guard is one of the more popular leather finger guards with an elastic band to hold the guard in place. The finger guard protects your fingers when the carving knife slips at the end of a cut.  The safest way to protect your hands is by wearing a glove in one hand, and a finger or thumb guard in the other.  You can choose from three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Remember to always choose the size that fit's snugly yet comfortably. The reason why you'll want it snug is because of slippage, if it's too loose you risk the guard sliding off and cutting your finger.

Finger Guard Specifications:

  • Small:
    • 3" Long x 1.25" Wide x 1" Finger Tip Depth.
  • Medium:
    • 3.25 Long x 1.50" Wide x 1.50" Finger Tip Depth.
  • Large:
    • 3.75" Long x 2.0" Wide x 1.75" Finger Tip Depth.

Protect those fingers with the Hummul Finger Guard!



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