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Dura-Grit Carbide 1/4" Square File 60/120 Grit

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  • A close view of the Dura-Grit Carbide 1/4 Square File 60/120 Grit and the wood handle next to it.
  • The person is pointing to the gold grit on this on this Carbide 1/4 Square File .
  • A view of the square file smoothing the inside corner of the wood.
  • The gold colored grit on the carbide square file.

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The Dura-Grit Carbide 1/4" Square File has coarse & fine grit on opposing faces enables you to remove bulk material, rotate the tool and finish, all with the same tool.

The square file is extremely versatile, the 1/4” rod, carbide files, have carbide teeth that cut in all directions. This means they will cut on the forward and back strokes, reducing filing time in half.

They are equally at home working on ceramic wall tile as they are on wood. They cut fast and smoothly on composite materials and are extremely useful tools to have in your toolbox.

Dura-Grit Carbide 1/4" Square File 60/120 Grit Features

  • Extremely strong.
  • Grit does not break loose.
  • Cuts in both forward and backward directions with multi-directional teeth.
  • Combination of coarse and fine grit on the SF4 square file, makes for a versatile tool. Start with the coarse, rotate 180 º and finish with the fine!
  • Comfortable wooden handle

Materials The Dura-Grit Carbide 1/4" Square File 60/120 Grit Carves & Files 

  • Hard and soft woods
  • Ceramic wall tile
  • Fiberglass
  • Composites
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Laminates
  • Rigid Foam
  • ABS 
  • Rigid and flex PVC piping
  • and more!
  • (Not recommended for use on metal)


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