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Edible Party Bouquets

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Edible Party Bouquets

Create Gifts & Centerpieces with Fruit, Appetizers, & Desserts with Edible Party Bouquets. This is an amazing book with a massive amount of information on creating party bouquets, not only with fruits and desserts but also includes meats and cheeses. Serving appetizers and snacks is a great way to begin a family get-together or display centerpieces your guest will admire. This book will instruct you with step-by-step instructions through creating amazing fruit, appetizers or dessert bouquets, that are perfect for gift giving or any type of celebration, with homemade edible centerpieces. You will learn how to get started, practice food safety, general supplies, and preparation. Try one of the vegetable arrangements, or if you prefer a try the BLT bouquet. Weather you choose healthy or not you can arrange a bouquet featuring meats, cheeses,  breads, desserts, fruits,  vegetables, or even chocolates and sweets. This is a fantastic book loaded with so many centerpieces and bouquets, that no matter which recipe you choose, it will be fresh, delicious and the focal point of the party.

Edible Party Bouquets Features:

  • 13 Fruit Recipes.
  • 9 Chocolate, Candy, and Cookie Recipes
  • 7 Vegetable Reciepes
  • 4 Meat and Deli Recipes.

Edible Party Bouquets Book Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 128 Pages.
  • Publisher Fox Chapel.
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