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Euro Tool

Euro Tool 1/4HP Flexible Shaft Kit

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4.00 LBS
  • The Euro Tool 1/4Hp Flexible Shaft Kit showing the motor, shaft and sheath, hand-piece, foot pedal, motor brushes, allen wrench and hand-piece chuck key.
  • The case and case cover of the Eurotool 1/4hp Flexible Shaft Machine.
  • The Euro Tool 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Machine with the plastic carrying case open showing the flexible shaft kit and all its contents.


Get your creative juices flowing with the Eurotool 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Kit - for carving, sanding, polishing, and more. The Eurotool 1/4 HP flexible shaft kit is designed to be fully interchangeable with a standard-style handpiece. This economical workhorse comes in durable/hard storage and carrying case, has variable speeds up to 22,000 RPMs, is 110 volts/60 Hz, and is the perfect addition to your toolkit. With this machine, you can create beautiful pieces of art with ease!

  • The Eurotool 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Machine is perfect for carving and sanding.
  • It comes with a durable/hard storage and carrying case.
  • The Eurotool 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Kit has variable speeds up to 22,000 RPMs.
  • It offers 110 volts/60 Hz.

What's included with the Euro Tool 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Kit?

  1. The 1/4HP motor with Flexible shaft and sheath.
  2. A chuck style Handpiece with a chuck key.
  3. The Eurotool 1/4 HP flexible shaft kit comes with an extra set of motor brushes.
  4. Allen Wrench.
  5. Variable speed Foot control.
  6. Instructions booklet.
  7. Plastic Carrying Case.

The 1/4HP Flexible Shaft Motor Details:

The motor is a forward motor only and has a foot-operated speed control. The foot control is required to operate this motor at its maximum potential. Simply plug the motor into the foot control and you'll have an on/off and variable speed.

This Euro Tool 1/4 HP Flex Shaft Machine motor is pre-lubricated at the factory for smooth, trouble-free operation and additional lubrication is not required.

The motor brushes should be checked for wear periodically. When they are new, they are about 3/4" long. Replace them when they have worn to 1/4". 

Removing the flex shaft motor brushes is a simple task. Simply unplug your motor from its power source and unscrew the brush caps toward the top of the motor. Pull the brushes out making sure that you pay attention to how the contour of the brush is aligned with the motor. Put the new one in the flex shaft motor, in the same fashion.

The Shaft & Sheath

The Euro Tool 1/4 HP flexible shaft kit puts a 42" shaft and sheath on this motor. The shaft is a flexible shaft with a hard rubber sheath covering it and protecting it.

Shafts and sheaths last longer when they are not bent a lot during use. Using them at tight angles and with a loop in them will cause friction and wear.

Wear is normal on the shaft and sheath of this Euro Tool 1/4 HP, and you can expect to replace them several times throughout the life of your machine. Especially if you drop your hand-piece or get your burr caught in your shirt or apron. Yes, it's happened and happened to the best of us.

It's an easy fix with a Euro Tool replacement shaft, and if you need the sheath or there is wear and tear on it, you'll also need to replace the sheath with a Euro Tool 1/4 HP sheath. Just follow the replacement instructions included with this unit and you'll be up and running again in no time.

The Euro Tool 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Kit Chuck Style Hand-piece

A chuck style hand-piece with a chuck key is included. The hand-piece is a standard hand-piece that accepts shafts up to 5/32" in diameter. Simply slide the bur or drill bit into the three jaw chuck that is precision geared and tighten with the chuck key (just like a drill press).

The Euro Tool 1/4 HP flexible shaft chuck hand-piece is permanently lubricated and ready to use. To attach the hand-piece to the shaft just push it onto the grooved quick connect fitting on the sheath. Like all flexible shaft tools, make sure that the keyed tip is properly lined up with the slot in the hand-piece connector by looking into the hand-piece before pushing it on. Then, just snap it into place.

The Euro Tool 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Foot Pedal

Foot pedals make life easy, and this is no exception. Plug your Euro Tool motor into the foot pedal and the plug from the foot pedal into your electric receptacle. Push down on the pedal to start the flex shaft motor. The foot pedal is variable speed so, the further you push down, the faster the motor will go up to a maximum of 22,000 RPM.

Euro Tool 1/4 HP Compatibility Test

We tested the 1/4" Euro Tool flexible shaft with other brands of hand-pieces. Both WeCheer and Foredom hand-pieces are compatible with this unit.

What People are Saying about the Eurotool 1/4HP Flexible Shaft Machine:

Great Product

Very pleased with the tool. The motor has great torque and is well built. The speed control (foot pedal) is metal and very sturdy. The cable and hand piece is very well built and sturdy. The added bonus I did not expect was the case. 

Overall, the tool is a great starting tool for someone that has not used a flex shaft before. This was my second one and I expect to have years of use from the tool.

High quality, low price, worth it.

For the price, the quality of this product is amazing. It feels just like my old Foredom, and honestly it is a good competitor to that brand. BUY IT!

Sold, so far

The motor and flexible shaft are pretty solid. The chuck centers tools fairly well, but the chuck key is awkward to use because of the safety guard configuration, and the key really isn't the correct size for the chuck in any case. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if I have to repair/replace the foot switch in the not too distant future.

This flexible shaft machine is perfect for beginners or the experienced carver. Get a Eurotool 1/4HP Flexible Shaft Machine today for carving, jewelry making, polishing, sanding, drilling, and other hobbies and crafts. Add our Eurotool Flexible Shaft Kit to your cart today. You definitely won't regret it!


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Warranty Information

Euro Tool's Flexible Shaft Machine is guaranteed to be free of defects in material or workmanship under normal use for a period of 1 year after purchase. During the warranty period, any motor found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at Euro Tool's option. This warranty does not cover misuse, or ordinary wear of bearings, armature and motor brushes. The original owner must complete and return the Limited Warranty/Registration card to be eligible for the warranty. Units returned under warranty found to be misused or damaged by the original owner/user will be repaired or replaced at the owner's expense.
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Additional Information

1/4 hp
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