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Flat Top Cylinder Carbide Bur

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Carving can be a form of meditative art, but it can also be frustrating without the right tools. When it comes to carving, having the right tools can truly make all the difference. One tool in particular that can work wonders is the cylinder.

Skilled carvers know that the tiny cylinder can create a cut similar to that of a knife or straight chisel, offering a similar precision. The versatility of the cylinder means it's able to make a variety of cuts, including flat areas, round edges, and stop and V-cuts.

By holding the tool at an angle and utilizing the top corner, carvers can achieve the desired results for a perfectly crafted piece. When investing in woodworking tools, durability is key, and thankfully, options exist for long-lasting bits.

Carving enthusiasts know that the right tools are crucial for achieving the perfect finished product. When it comes to carving, larger bits with 3/32 shanks are essential for roughing out the initial shape.

However, it's the smaller bits that really make the difference, allowing for intricate details to be added to the finished product. What's even better? These bits aren't limited to just cutting wood. They have a wide range of uses, including working with acrylic, plaster, and even fiberglass.

If you're investing in a high-durability set of bits, you can count on them to last through many woodworking projects to come. And for those who regularly work with cylinders, these burs are the go-to tools for getting the most out of your carving setup.

These burs can easily produce a smooth surface on woods of all types, making them a great addition to any carving toolkit.

Flat Top Cylinder Carbide Bur Specifications

  • The Carbide Burr Flat Top Cylinder is a Regular Cut 
  • This Flat Top Cylinder Carbide Bur is 6.4mm wide and 13.4mm long with a 3/32 shank.
  • The total length including the shank is 51.8mm

Bur Maintenance

Maintaining your burs is essential to ensure they remain sharp, efficient and work optimally. One of the easiest things you can do to maintain your burs is to store them safely in a holder or box.

This prevents them from knocking into one another and becoming damaged. When using your burs, apply just enough pressure to get the job done without burning the bits. Overheating them can cause them to become brittle and snap.

Cleaning your carbide-point bits with a brass brush will prevent them from  clogging, while a wet white whetstick can be used to clean diamond bits. A neoprene rubber bar works wonders in removing dust from ruby bits, stones, and sanding discs.

Lastly, a diamond hone or dressing stone can reshape and clean stones for optimal performance. With a little care and attention, your burs will last longer and perform better, saving you time and money in the long run.

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