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Flexcut Hook Hone

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Flexcut Hook Hone

For razor sharp tools in an fast and easy way, try the 2 3/4" x 8 1/2" Flexcut Hook Hone.This sharpening tool uses abrasive paper as a more aggressive solution than stropping to remove nicks and scratches from the cutting edge.

Simply load the hook hone with a 2 3/4" x 9" strip of abrasive paper. (Both 400 Grit & 600 Grit are provided to get you started.)You should not use anything below the 400 grit paper as it will leave hard to remove scratches on the blade. Remove the thin dowel rod and rubber o-rings. Wrap the strip of abrasive paper around the hook hone and tuck it into the slot. Jam the dowel rod down into the slot and over the top of the paper. This wedges the paper in place and keeps it tightly wrapped. Slide the rubber o-rings over the top of the dowel rod to keep it from slipping out. 

Once the hook hone is loaded with the abrasive paper , lay it flat against the inside face of the hooked blade. Check to be sure the paper is making contact with the inside surface of the cutting edge. Push the hook hone along the full length of the cutting edge starting at the base. Ride the inside contour of the hooked blade by using  a slight twist of the wrist as you push through your stroke to the tip of the blade. If using a double edged hook knife repeat the steps for both edges.

The edge of the tools are composed of two surfaces that join at the cutting edge.  Stropping removes the bur and polishes the edges.  A polished edge glides through the wood much easier. You can use the knife strop periodically as you cut. Having a shiny blade may look impressive, but the aluminum oxide improves the blades cutting ability. 

Strop after sharpening to remove the wire edge burrs, or for the inside radius of different knives when reshaping is needed. To start stropping apply a small amount of aluminum oxide to the strop. Hold the tool at a constant 15° angle, apply pressure, and pull the tool across the strop away from the cutting edge. Like any technique practice makes perfect as you work to maintain a razor sharp edge. Not only will they improve your quality of work, they also make carving more enjoyable.


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