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Flexcut Knife Strop

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0.46 LBS
  • 2" x 8" Flexcut knife strop with gold compound ready to use
  • The package including the Flexcut Knife strop and gold sharpening compound.


Flexcut Knife Strop For razor sharp tools in an fast and easy way, try the 8 x 2 leather Flexcut Knife Strop. The edge of the tools are composed of two surfaces that join at the cutting edge.  Stropping removes the bur and polishes the edges. 

A polished edge glides through the wood much easier. You can use the knife strop periodically as you cut.   Having a shiny blade may look impressive, but the Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound improves the blades cutting ability. Polishing reduces friction resulting from a surface that has honing scratches.

The Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound removes any traces of a wire edge that was not taken away by the sharpening stone. Flexcut has a special blend of aluminum and titanium oxide to remove hardened steel. The Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound was designed to maintain a sharp edge and formulated to apply like a crayon. 

Strop after stone sharpening to remove the wire edge burrs, or for the inside radius of different knives when reshaping is needed. To start stropping apply a small amount of polishing compound to the strop.

Hold the tool at a constant 15° angle, apply pressure, and pull the tool across the strop away from the cutting edge. Like any technique practice makes perfect as you work to maintain a razor sharp edge. Not only will they improve your quality of work, they also make carving more enjoyable. 

Flexcut Slipstrop Specifications:

  • Knife strop.
  • 1 oz bar Polishing Compound.
  • Detailed Instruction Manual.
  • Manufacturer: Flexcut.  
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