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Flexcut Spear Point Variable Radius Hook Knife

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With the Flexcut Spear Point Variable Radius Hook Knife you can make Right hand cuts, left hand cuts and everything in between.This KN55 Spear Point Variable Radius Hook Knife is the spoon carver’s dream. This hook knife shreds. From tip to tail this premium quality tool comes shaving sharp and is built to last.

The Flexcut Spear Point Variable Radius Hook Knife is a precision ground steel up top, through-tang construction, brass ferrule and conditioned cherry on the handle - It is made from premium quality materials meaning this knife will develop a gorgeous patina over time. The gently sweeping hooked blade is designed to carve a wide variety of bowl shapes, and the spear point tip gets into all the recessed spaces.

The Flexcut Spear Point Variable Radius Hook Knife is double edged too, giving it double versatility for righties and lefties alike. If you’re looking for a razor-sharp hook knife to carve it all and keep its edge, this is it.

Flexcut Spear Point Variable Radius Hook Knife Specifications:

  • 2.25" Blade length.
  • 6.8 Total length.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Made in the USA at the Flexcut Erie, PA plant.
  • Rockwell Harness of 59-61.

Keeping the blade sharp

Are you tired of using carving tools that lose their edge far too quickly? Look no further than the Flexcut Carving Tool, which is pre-sharpened to a highly polished razor's edge straight from the factory.

A sharp edge not only makes carving easier and more efficient, but it also means your tool will last longer without the need for constant resharpening. However, to keep your tool in top condition, routine maintenance is essential.

There are so many sharpening tools available that show you how to sharpen a variety of knives and gouges. From informative books, strops, and  stones, to oils, pastes and sharpening systems.

The recommended tools for this job is a strop and sharpening compound. And if you're wondering what angle to sharpen your carving gouge, the answer is 15° - the same angle it's pre-sharpened at.

With a sharp, well-maintained tool, your carving projects are sure to be a success.


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Warranty Information

Flexcut Limited Lifetime Warranty Flexcut warrants products manufactured by Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. If you feel any Flexcut tool has failed due to a manufacturing defect, mail the tool along with a written explanation of the problem to the address below. We will replace the tool/knife with a new Flexcut carving tool/knife at our expense and pay the return shipping/postage. Please include your full name, mailing address, shipping address, email (if available) and a daytime telephone number along with your tool/knife. Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. Attn: Tool Return 8105 Hawthorne Dr. Erie, PA 16509 United States Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. does not warrant its product against normal wear and misuse. Flexcut Carving Tools are not intended to be used as pry bars or screwdrivers. Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. will not repair or replace any products damaged due to misuse.
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