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Foredom 4" Cotton Buff 40 Ply Coarse

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Foredom's 4" Cotton Buff 40 Ply Coarse Weave is designed to be used as a general purpose buff, with an open weave to hold more compound and no additional break in time needed.

Featuring strong shellac-reinforced center-holes for a secure fit on tapered spindles mandrels, this Foredom buff provides long lasting durability and consistently delivers excellent results.

Made in the USA, this Foredom 4” cotton buff will help you achieve the perfect finish for any metal, wood, or hard material you need to sharpen, buff or polish.

The 40 Ply Muslin Cotton Wheels are the perfect option for all of your general purpose buffing, cutting, and polishing needs. Its coarse muslin weave ensures maximum durability while working with compounds and is safe to run on a Foredom lathe or other similar sharpener at up to 5,000rpm.

Whether you need a 4" wheel for tapered spindles or something larger -- 3", 6", 7" -- 40 Ply Muslin Cotton Wheels have you covered for all your sharpening requirements. It's an excellent choice for those who depend upon quality results without worrying about their tooling.

Foredom 4" Muslin Cotton Buff 40 Ply Coarse for Tapered Spindle Specifications:

  • The 4" Cotton Buff Wheel is a coarse round wheel for tapered spindles.
  • It is a 40 Ply Muslin Cotton
  • There are 3 Rows of stitching with an open weave
  • It's Shellac Reinforced Center Hole fit tight on your tapered spindle mandrels
  • The Cotton buffs are made in the USA
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