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Foredom Collet Adapter Reducer 3/32 to 1/16

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Foredom Collet Adapter Reducers are invaluable tools for Foredom Flex Shaft Handpieces or Micromotor Handpieces. They fit inside a collet and allow users to utilize tools with smaller shank sizes.

With Foredom Collet Adapters, you don't have to spend time constantly changing out the handpiece's collet. Foredom Collet Adapter Reducers come in four varieties: 3/32 - 1/8, 1/8 - 3/32, 3.0 mm – 3/32″ and 3/32 - 1/16 so users can find the perfect size adapter for their Foredom Tool of choice!

These Foredom Collet Adapters make working with small accessories easier than ever before!
If you're looking for convenience and accuracy when using a collet-style handpiece, investing in a collet adapter is the perfect option.This precision machined adapter fits inside the rotary tool collet and allows you to use small shank size accessories, easily and with extreme accuracy.

Instead of having to constantly change out your collets, these adapters offer an efficient and secure way to securely lock into place accessory burrs of all sizes. By making use of a collet adaptor, you eliminate the time wasted changing and re-changing your collets, while maintaining superior quality and superior results with your handpieces.

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