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Foredom Power Chisel Handpiece With Chisels

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0.50 LBS
Handpiece Style:
Key Tip
  • This is the Foredom Power Chisel Handpiece  for flexshaft LX and TX motors
  • These are the set of chisels you will receive with the #50 handpiece.
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Foredom H.50 Power Chisel Carver is designed to give a power assist to all your carving projects. The Foredom Handpiece features a rugged plastic barrel and tapered aluminum tip with a unique contoured body design. 

The Foredom Handpiece has a "Quick Disconnect" feature which makes it totally easier and faster to interchange handpieces to any Key Tip style Foredom Flex Shaft machine, except heavy duty models. You can use the interchangeable handpiece with a wide variety of  shanks increasing versatility suitable for continuous use.

Foredom H.50 Handpiece Power Chisel Carver Uses: 

  • Wood.
  • Plastic.
  • Plaster.
  • Soft Carving Stone.

The manufacturer recommends using the power chisel handpiece at low speeds with the 1/3 HP  Series TX, and LX motors or  1/6 HP with SR Series motor. Always use in forward rotation only! The reciprocating hammer requires light pressure to engage in the chisel action. The Foredom H.50 Handpiece Power Chisel Carver attaches to any Foredom or Flex Shaft with standard key tip shaft. 

The power chisel handpiece is very low maintenance but should be cleaned and lubricated after 200 hours of use. The manufacturer also recommends using the power chisel handpiece with a dial speed control because it's easier to control your speed than the foot pedal.

Foredom Power Chisel Specifications:

  • 6" Long.
  • 1" Diameter.
  • Weight 5.6oz.
  • Interchangeable Handpiece.
  • Optimum Performance at 1000-8000 RPM.
  • Power Chisel Carver Handpiece 
    • #1 x 9mm Single Bevel Chisel
    • #2 x 9mm Skew Chisel
    • #3 x 9mm Sweep
    • #7 x 8mm Sweep
    • #11 x 3.5 Sweep
    • 70° x 5.5mm Parting V-Tool
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