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Foredom Right Angle Adapter for Angle Grinder

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Foredom's Right Angle Adapter for Angle Grinder makes it easy to get into tight spaces. At 4" long or deep when the drill bit is installed in the collet, this attachment includes two collets which accommodate 3/32" and 1/8" shank accessories.

This adapter is also compatible with 1/16" and 3mm collets, which you can purchase separately. Foredom understands that good ergonomics means being able to fit into any situation and make the job easier - and their Right Angle Adapter for Angle Grinder does just that!

So, How Does it all go together?

I'm glad you asked. I'll tell you everything you need to know about this exciting new tool in just a minute.

Let me start by telling you how it works:

  • Using a Foredom H.30 , H.30H, or H.30SJ Hand-piece as the input shaft, the Flex Shaft machine can effectively be turned into an angle grinder using Forward Rotation ONLY.
  • Additionally, you can add the Foredom Right Angle attachment to one of these hand-pieces and  you can create a right angle grinder just like that! 
  • For all this to work, of course you need a motor to power it all - and that's where a Flex Shaft motor comes in handy.
  • One of the Foredom H.30®, H.30H, or H.30SJ Hand-piece are used as the input shaft which rotates the Angle Grinder Attachment, so that when using Forward Rotation ONLY, the Flex Shaft machine becomes a angle grinder.
  • By adding the Foredom Right Angle attachment to one of the hand-pieces mentioned and the angle grinder attachment you create a right angle grinder.
  • Of course, you'll need a Flex Shaft motor to power it all.

So now at least you know how it all goes together!

For those of you looking for an adapter for Angle Grinder, this tool is definitely the way to go.

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