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Foredom Screw Type Mandrel For 1/16" Arbor Hole

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Screw Type Mandrel 3/32" Shank are incredibly versatile tools that allow the user to grind or finish almost any surface in tight spots and hard-to-reach places. Unlike other types of mandrels, these unique models feature a split above their reinforced bases which makes it easy to wind sandpaper, polishing cloth, or other abrasives into a disk shape.

These mandrels come in two different styles – straight and tapered - each designed for specific applications. The straight model works great for finishing smooth surfaces, while the tapered one is ideal for operating on undercuts. In either case, Screw Type Mandrel 3/32" Shank provide users with an easy and cost-effective way to grind or polish even the toughest of task at hand.

The maximum and recommended speeds when using different mandrels and accessories can be tricky. The ratings for each type of tool is dependent on numerous factors, including the size and weight of the accessory, as well as the mandrel in use.

Generally, smaller accessories and mandrels are suitable for higher speeds than larger ones. This is why it is important to follow recommendations from both the accessory manufacturer and the mandrel manufacturer to ensure that you are operating your tool within its optimal specifications. By doing this you will get smoother performance from your rotary tool, as well as a longer life span.

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, the Screw Mandrel 3/32" shank is the perfect tool to have in your shop. It's easy to use and you will be able to complete your projects with greater speed and accuracy. This mandrel is ideal for carvings, intricate work, and using a variety of abrasive materials. You won't regret purchasing this mandrel today! Get your Screw Mandrel now and start crafting beautiful pieces like never before.

Foredom Screw Type Mandrel For 1/16" Arbor Hole

  • 3/32" Shank.
  • 1 3/4" Overall Length.
  • Used for 1/16" arbor hole.
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