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Foredom Shaft for F Series Motors

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Motor Parts
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Replacement shafts and sheaths are available from your Foredom dealer if yours are excessively worn. If they just need to be adjusted, follow these instructions. With the handpiece removed, the exposed tip of the flexible shaft should extend 3/4" beyond the sheath.

The shaft can be shortened by unscrewing the set screw in the handpiece end with an allen wrench, pushing the handpiece further onto the shaft, then retightening the set screw.

The sheath length can be increased or decreased by following these steps: unscrew nut  at top of the “U” fitting, pull out the inner sheath (B) to the desired length and retighten the nut.

Handpieces attach to shafts by means of a tapered cone and fit snugly but can be removed by pulling straight off. Before reattaching the handpiece check that O-ring is properly seated in the groove and that drive pad is tight against motor coupling. Screw handpiece back on until it is snug against coupling and locked in position by set screws.

Your power tool is now ready for use. Remember to always double-check your work!


This is a replacement for the Foredom Shaft for discontinued F, JJ ,and JB Series Motors that is 33 1/2 Long

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