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Foredom Threaded Tapered Mandrel

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Using the Threaded Tapered Mandrel to finish smooth surfaces and undercuts is a simple, cost-effective solution. The maximum and recommended speeds depend on the size of the accessory and mandrel, as well as its weight.

The published ratings for these components are based on those with a 1” overhang and an accessory that weighs less than one gram and is smaller than half an inch in diameter. As a general guide, usually smaller pieces can be used at faster speeds than larger ones, so it is wise to abide by the instructions accompanying mandrel.

Generally, smaller accessories and mandrels are suitable for higher speeds than larger ones. This is why it is important to follow recommendations from both the accessory manufacturer and the mandrel manufacturer to ensure that you are operating your tool within its optimal specifications. By doing this you will get smoother performance from your rotary tool, as well as a longer life span.

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, the Screw Mandrel 1/8" shank is the perfect tool to have in your shop. It's easy to use and you will be able to complete your projects with greater speed and accuracy. This mandrel is ideal for carvings, intricate work, and using a variety of abrasive materials. You won't regret purchasing this mandrel today! Get your Screw Mandrel now and start crafting beautiful pieces like never before.

 Foredom Threaded Tapered Mandrel

  • Screw Type Mandrel.
  • 1/8" Head diameter.
  • 1/8" Shank.
  • 1 3/4" Overall Length.
  • Used with 1/8" arbor hole.
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