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Foredom V Stone 1/4" Wheel Burr

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V Stones are unimpeachable when it comes to griding and cutting hard metals. Their vitrified special aluminum oxide grain, along with its self-sharpening and super hard porous bonding, offers outstanding longevity whilst also running cool enough to avoid any burning or discolouration of the material.

With V Stones there's no damaging smearing on softer metals such as lead, pewter, brass and aluminum either, making them the perfect tool for any trade worker too. On top of that you can now harness these abrasives for the precision carving of wood; their sharpness lending itself well to shaping and texturing woodcarvings with deft accuracy.

V Stones: the perfect abrasive for a variety of versatile functions.

V Stones are a revolutionary new abrasive tool, offering 4-8x the life of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives. This makes them an economical choice for all applications as they provide more bang for your buck.

Their faster cutting rates mean much higher efficiency with projects taking far less time to complete, while still giving best-in-class results. Additionally, they offer an excellent alternative to plated and sintered diamonds due to their lower cost per hour of use. All of these factors make V Stones a great choice for anyone looking for the highest quality abrasive tools on the market.

Use The Foredom V Stone 1/4" Wheel Burr:

The V Stone is an asset to any crafter's toolbox. Made from silicon carbide, it is a perfect choice for shaping, carving, and texturing a variety of materials, such as wood, glass, porcelain, agate, and Titanium.

It can even be effectively used on harder materials like Chrome Cobalt and Nickle-Cobalt alloys or other non-ferrous metals like Tool Steel. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, the ability to use one product across so many surfaces makes the V Stone an ideal addition to any project.

Foredom V Stone 1/4" Wheel Burr Specifications:

  • 1/4" diameter head x 1/2" long stone head.
  • 80 grit.
  • 3/32" Shank.
  • Total length of tapered wheel stone including shank and v stone head about 2".
  • Maximum Speed of 45,000 rpm.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Tapered Wheel.
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