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Forest Clock Pattern

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Intricate detail on the outside and stand-up silhouettes rotate around on 3 levels. Powered by our rotating display table. Add lights for a special effect. 33 inches H x 15 inches W x 15 inches D. Suggested components: One 96912 center rod, 9620 rotating display turntable, any of our 3 1/2 inch maxi quartz inserts, 5 pieces of 97130 molding. Use our 22 1/2 degree T1281 chamfer bit for making the beveled edges in each corner. Also available: 96901 hardware parts kit. OUT OF PLYWOOD: -2 PACKS OF 7003 FOR THE PLATFORMS, WHICH IS 5 PLY FOR MORE SUPPORT -NEED 3 PKS OF 1/4in OR IF USING CONTRASTING WOOD, YOU WILL NEED 2 PKS OF 1/4in AND 1 PK OF 1/4in OF A LIGHTER OR DARKER COLOR.

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