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Frog Juice Quart

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2.02 LBS
  • The front of the quart can of Frog Juice shows  7000 sunscreen clear on the label
  • A view of the back of the can shows the precautions and warnings of using the clear coating.
  • The front of the quart can of Frog Juice shows a frog wearing a cape and holding a paintbrush.
  • A side profile of the can of frog juice shows how to thin, apply drying times, and overcoating.


Frog Juice is the best way to protect your printed graphics from fading in the sun. Our UV sealant and high gloss surface protector are available in two different sizes: 12oz Aerosol Can, and Quart. Frog Juice is used by hobbyists, museums, and more to keep their prints looking new for years to come.

Frog Juice UV Liquid Adhesive is perfect for anyone who wants to protect their outdoor signage, banners, decals, and more! Frog Juice forms a tough, transparent coating that helps shield your products from the sun's damaging UV rays. Not only does this product keep your signs and banners in top condition, but it also makes them easier to clean - simply rinse with water and they're good as new!

Looking to make your advertisements, banners, and signs POP? Frog Juice is the answer! Just a few spritzes of our easy-to-use spray resin coating and your designs will be dry to the light touch in minutes, durable enough for everyday handling in less than half an hour, and completely cured and protected after 30 days. 

Using Frog Juice Liquid is like adding an extra layer of protection to your product. It helps keep the vinyl decals from rolling up during intense weather situations and gives the car magnets a high gloss finish that easily bends with the material.

If you're looking for an excellent sealant option that will help increase the longevity of your custom printed products, Frog Juice Liquid is definitely worth considering! 

Frog Juice Quart Specifications:

32-ounce Can.

The Frog Juice Aerosol can only be shipped by UPS Ground.

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