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Heart Photo Frame Insert 1 7/8"

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These heart photo frame inserts are just what you need to add those perfect pictures to your projects. 

If you have a project that you would like to add the perfect picture to, these heart photo frame inserts are just what you need. They have a perfect fit rubber mounting gasket which makes it easier to fit the inserts into your hole. 

1 7/8" Mini Heart Photo Frame Insert Features:

  • The overall width is 1 7/8".
  • The overall height from the top to the bottom of the insert is 1 13/16".
  • The insert fits into a 1 3/8" hole.
  • The mounting depth is 3/16"
  • A crystal glass face.
  • A solid metal case.
  • Perfect Fit Rubber Mounting Gasket.
  • The bezel in a heart shape is bright gold.


Some Ideas For Using a Heart Shaped Photo Frame Insert

A 1 7/8" photo frame insert may not seem like much, but these small frames can actually be quite versatile. They work well for displaying photos or artwork, but they can also serve as a creative way to display important documents such as diplomas or certificates.

These inserts can also be used for labeling bins or shelves in the office or at home, making it easy to stay organized. With the addition of a magnet, they can even serve as a quick and easy way to display notes or memos on the fridge or other metal surfaces.

So don't discount the possibilities of a 1 7/8" photo frame insert - let your imagination run wild and find new and exciting ways to use them! 

Getting the photo to fit in the Frame Insert

When attempting to put a photo in a round photo frame insert, it can be difficult to make sure the image fits perfectly within the circular border.

One solution to this problem is to first create a template using the inside diameter measurement of the insert.

This template can then be used as a guide for cropping the photo to the correct size.

Using photo editing software or even just a paper and pencil, draw out a circle with the same diameter as the insert and place it over your photograph. From there, crop the image so that it fits within the boundaries of your template.

By taking this extra step, you can ensure that your photo looks seamless and professional in its round frame insert. 

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