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Lazy Susan 3" Square Turntable

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0.19 LBS
  • A 3" square lazy susan turntable showing the mounting holes.
  • An edge view of the lazy susan 3" turntable.
  • A lazy susan turntable 3" square sitting on a surface.
  • The 3" lazy susan turntable turned upright to see a different angle of it.
  • Blueprint drawing of the 3" square lazy susan turntable.
  • Lazy Susan 3" Square with the top and bottom aligned.


The lazy susan turntable is a great choice for woodworking projects. It is made of high quality steel and is zinc coated for rust resistance. The ball race is designed for maximum stability and the unit can hold up to 200 lbs. The construction is single piece and pre-assembled so there are no moving parts that can bind or come loose over time.

The turntable has a 360 degree interlock that prevents separation of the moving parts. The center hole diameter is 1-1/4" and the nominal balanced load capacity is 200 lbs. The suggested turntable diameter is up to 18".

The 3" square lazy susan turntables are made from excellent quality material in the USA.

It features precision ground 1/4" ball bearing that provide a smooth rotation.

The 3" Lazy Susan turntables are solidly constructed and ready to perform in your next project.

Lazy Susan Turntable 3" Specifications:

  • The bearings are Ungreased.
  • Made of 22 gauge Steel Material.
  • Overall size is 3" square.
  • The turntable is 5/16" thick.
  • The mounting holes are 2.563" on center.
  • The diameter of the center hole is 1.31".
  • The load capacity is 200 pounds.
  • The steel is finished with a pre-plated electrogalvanized finish.
  • The maximum recommended table diameter is 18"

Mounting a Lazy Susan Turntable Bearing

Step 1.  If you're looking to mount a lazy susan turntable bearing, you'll first want to use the smallest holes as a template to mark the turntable. Once you've done that, remove the bearing and drill holes for self-tapping screws. You'll want to drill 5/32" holes for #6 self-tapping screws. Be sure to avoid contamination from sawdust, paint or any other foreign material.

Step 2.  To mount a lazy susan turntable bearing, first lubricate the bearing balls with a small amount of heavy oil or grease. Next, select the center of the base where you want to mount the bearing and use #6 screws to secure it in place.

Step 3. To mount a lazy susan turntable bearing, first assemble the turning section to the bearing. Make sure to select fasteners of the proper length to avoid interference with the opposite side. Once everything is in place, simply tighten the screws. Enjoy your new, smoothly operating turntable!

There are several ways to mount a lazy susan turntable bearing. You can weld it, braze it, clamp it, or cement it. With the smaller size bearings, adhesives have been successful in eleminating the need for screws and bolts. It is important to use a suitable metal to wood adhesive or cement that will not get into the ball races.

An inside view of a lazy susan and how it is mounted.

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