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Liquitex White Gesso 32oz

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Liquitex White Gesso is a fast-drying white acrylic primer that can be used as a base under virtually any type of paint. Gesso can be used to prepare your surfaces before painting. It is an opaque, matte, titanium white acrylic gesso that can be used on canvas or any acrylic-friendly substrate.

You can use Gesso to prime surfaces for Acrylic and oil paints/mediums, as well as chalks and oil pastels. It can also be used to 'set' graphite, pencil, and charcoal.

What the Liquitex White Gesso Does

Liquitex White Gesso is ideal for creating a matte white, opaque finish that will last long. It primes surfaces and adds a high level of tooth for good color adhesion and stability. This White Gesso also stiffens your canvases and establishes a good surface for acrylics, oils, charcoal, pastels, or pencil drawings. Use it on raw canvas, hardboard, paper, wood, and non-oily, porous supports.

Using the Gesso

To create a smooth surface for painting, start by sanding your surface and then applying a thin coat of Liquitex White Gesso. You can apply the gesso directly to the surface or thin it with up to 25% water.

Allow the gesso to dry for at least 24 hours before beginning to paint. For an even smoother surface, sand the surface and reapply the gesso.

If you're using this as a base for oil paints, apply 2-4 coats and sand between each application. You can also add acrylic paint to create a tinted gesso.

 Liquitex White Gesso 32oz Specifications

  • Lightfast & Archival
  • Permanent
  • Flexible & Non-Cracking
  • Water-resistant when dry
  • Intermixable with all Liquitex materials
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