Little Princess Clock Plan

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Little Princess Clock Plan

The Little Princess Clock Plan is a scroll saw plan that will add style to any room. The Little Princess clock plan is a little gem of a timepiece, virtually a masterpiece in miniature.

Little Princess Clock Plan Specifications:

  • Full Size Scroll Saw Plan
  • Dimensions: 7"w x 12"h
  • Uses 1/4" Material
  • Requires a 2634 movement,3599 dial, 2521 pendulum rod,2524 bob

Little Princess Clock Reviews: rates this 9 out of 10     and says: Very   satisfying project. The use of 1/4 inch walnut matched extremely well with the   clock face recommended. As I opted to install the pendulum the center spacer   (Part 4) had to be removed to make room for the longer movement. I anticipate   making additional clocks in the future with this set of Little Princess Clock plans.