Majestic Grandmother Clock Plan

Wildwood Designs
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Third in a series of grand clocks.  A four-tiered  clock with silhouettes & overlays from top to bottom.  Approximately 17 inches W x 76 inches H x 10 inches D.

Suggested components:

2545 chime movement

3626 or 3628 7 7/8" non hinged bezel in Arabic or Roman numbers

3 1/8"  hands in black or Brass

2528  3 1/2"bob

2523  5" to 24" pendulum stick

2870-A Hasp 1" x 3/4" comes in (pkg of 6)

(2) 1015 non-mortise hinge 2" x 1 3/8"

97130 3/16" x 1/8" x 24" beaded molding (10 pieces).

Wood Requirement: we recommend using plywood primarily because of the large amount of glueing required if using all hardwood we also recommend using contrasting plywood for the overlays 1- 4in x 8in x 1/2in thick plywood 10- 1/4in x 16in x 24in 4- 1/8in x 16in x 34in 2 hardwood boards 1/4in x 6in x 24in 4 hardwood boards 1/2in x 10in x 18in 1hardwood board 5/8in or 3/4in x 6in x 24in 1- 3/4in x 9in x 24in piece of scrap plywood or solid wood 4- 3/4in x 3/4in x 19in piece