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Mid-Cure Epoxy 15 Min 9oz

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Mid-Cure Epoxy 15 Min 9oz

Mid Cure Epoxy 15 Min 9oz will bond a variety of materials. Wood workers use the Quick-Cure for hobby type boat building for the inside structure of wood framed boats or various other projects. This Epoxy is used on larger areas when more time is needed. The Mid-Cure epoxy is more water resistant and is also made for outdoor conditions. The Mid Cure Epoxy 15 Min 9oz has excellent  properties for bonding and repairs. The Epoxy cures to a slightly flexible consistency as the lack of brittleness allows it to form a long lasting bond. 

The oily nature of some woods present problems when gluing thats when epoxy comes to the rescue, because it doesn't need to have the oily surface neutralized.  Quick-Cure Epoxy 5 Min 9oz  is the only epoxy that can be used with polyester, simply mix it with micro balloons forming a fast setting putty.

You can handle the Epoxy within 15 min, it sets after 45-50 min, within two hours it will reach full strength.

Runs and drips are easy to clean, just let the epoxy dry then remove the excess with acetone, rubbing alcohol or a carving tool. The Epoxy will last for years without degradation. 

Mid Cure Epoxy 15 Min 9oz Bonds:

  • Hardwood. 
  • Fiberglass.
  • Textured Surfaces.

Mid Cure Epoxy 15 Min 9oz Specifications:

  • Made in the USA.
  • 2 Pc. Set with hardner and epoxy.
  • 15 Min Mid-Cure.
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