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OCC 2 1/4" Straight Knife Wide Blade

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OCC 2 1/4" Straight Knife Wide Blade

OCC 2 1/4" Straight Knife wide blade for carvers is an ideal knife for every carver's collection. Definitely a knife of choice.  

The OCC carving knife features a  1 1/2" wide blade that is straight.  The blade is great for making detailed cuts that are very narrow.  We all want more from a knife and this knife also delivers on the stock removal side of things.  Remove carving wood fast with the dependable straight blade  OCC straight Knife. All of OCC Straight carving knives are made from native hardwoods, with blades that are ground flatter for simple swift cuts. Purchase yours and start carving away!  


KCT 2 1/4" Straight Knife Wide Blade Specifications:

  • Made from 01 tool steel.
  • RC-59 Rockwell hardness.
  • Sharpened to a razor sharp edge, polished and ready to carve.
  • Made in Beloit, WI.
  • 5" Oak handle.
  • 2 1/4 "  Blade Length.
  • 5/8" Blade Width.
  • Straight Knife.
  • Hand Crafted.

OCC 2 1/4" Straight Knife is a must have carving knife and works great for all types of carvings as well.  This American made New Generation carving knife will be one that you fall back on and use for years.  All OCC knives come with a pre-sharpened edge.  To keep this knife in razor sharp condition, strop on a regular basis.  We recommend  polishing compound and a strop.  Hold the knife at a 15° bevel which is the same as the knife has been sharpened at for stropping and sharpening.

Please note:  All OCC wood carving knives, wood carving tools, spoon gouges and other tools are now made in Beloit, WI.  OCC Tools was sold to Kryshak Carving Tools in October of 2022.  New tools come with the new KCT logo.

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