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OCC #9 x 1/4 Mini Gouge

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Are you tired of using subpar carving tools that just don't cut it (pun intended)? Look no further than OCC's #9 x 1/4 Mini Gouge. Made in the USA with durable construction, this solid oak pencil handle offers both comfort and precision for tackling even the smallest details.

The Hand Forged steel carving tool has an HRC 59-60 rating and is capable of handling even the most detailed carvings.

Trust us - once you give it a try, you'll never go back to your old gouges again. Don't settle for mediocre results - let OCC's Mini Gouge take your carving projects to the next level. Your artwork will thank you.

OCC #9 x 1/4 Mini Gouge Specifications

  • Made from 01 tool steel.
  • RC-59 Rockwell hardness.
  • Sharpened to a razor sharp edge, polished and ready to carve.
  • Made in the USA
  • 5" pencil style oak handle.
  • #9 x 1/4" Mini V Gouge.
  • Hand Crafted by master carver.

To keep this knife in razor sharp condition, strop on a regular basis.  We recommend  polishing compound and a strop.  Hold the knife at a 15° bevel which is the same as the knife has been sharpened at for stropping and sharpening.

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