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OCC Shortcut #5 X 7/16" Gouge

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Carving and sculpting can be a challenging task, requiring precision and the right tools for success. The OCC Shortcut #5 X 7/16" Carving Gouge is handcrafted from durable tool steel and pre-sharpened for optimal performance.

Its 2 3/4" oak handle provides a comfortable grip, making it perfect for long carving sessions. The #5 sweep is ideal for carving larger elements, making it a valuable addition to any woodworker or sculptor's toolkit.

OCC Shortcut Gouge Features

This gouge is 100% guaranteed for quality and craftsmanship, allowing you to carve with confidence. Don't let tricky tasks stop you from creating your masterpiece - add the OCC Shortcut Carving Gouge to your tool collection today.Hand Crafted Made from 01 tool steel RC-59 (Rockwell) Durable and holds a great edge      

OCC Shortcut #5 X 7/16" Gouge Specifications

  • #5 Short Gouge.
  • 7/16 Blade Width.
  • 2 3/4 inch Oak Handles.
  • Pre-Sharpened.
  • Rockwell (RC) 59.
  • Made from Tool Steel.
  • Durable (Holds Edge).
  • Hand Crafted.
  • Made in the USA.

Keeping Tool Blade Sharp

Carving requires precision and skill, and the right tools can make all the difference in achieving desired results. When selecting a Carving Gouge, it's important to consider not only its design and construction, but also its sharpness and durability.

OCC's Short Cut Carving Gouges are crafted with American-made tool steel and oak handles for exceptional edge holding capabilities. Plus, they come pre-sharpened for immediate use.

The shallow bevel grind allows for easy slicing through wood with minimal effort. Maintaining the sharpness of your carving tools is crucial in maximizing their effectiveness and enhancing the carving experience overall.

With OCC's high quality Carving Gouges, you can trust that your projects will turn out beautifully.

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