Olson Crown Tooth Scroll Saw Blades

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Olson Crown Tooth Scroll Saw Blades

Unique tooth design allows the blade to cut on both the up and the down stroke.
Cuts a little slower for more control, which is especially good for delicate fretwork.
Finish is smooth with clean, sharp, splinter-free edges in hard/soft wood, plywood, plastic, and corian.

2-way cutting action prevents melting behind the cut in most plastic, including: acrylic, lexan (polycarbonate), fiberglass, and plexiglas.
Has no top or bottom for easy blade installation.

Blade can be turned over for fresh new set of teeth.

" Blades are 5 inches long
" One dozen blades per pack
" Plain End Blades

Please select the blade size and dimensions from the drop down box.
All blades are listed by size, followed by thickness,
width and the teeth per inch.