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Paper/Floppy Wheel Sharpening Kit 1/2" Arbor

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4.14 LBS


Paper/Floppy Wheel Sharpening Kit 1/2" Arbor Comes with one of our fantastic Floppy Wheels, one 3/4" x 8" paper wheel, a chunk of the Floppy Wheel Compound and a bar of green chromium oxide compound. Both wheels have 1/2" arbor holes. You're gonna really like the sharp tools you get with this kit!

The wheels are made highly compressed layers of paper. Use the 6" or the 8" wheels for your flat sharpening. The smaller 4inch ones can be shaped and used for taking burs off the inside sharpened edge of your gouges and V-tools.

The buffing wheels and the compounds provided in this kit can also used by professionals in automotive restoration, custom motorcycle shops, jewelers, gun dealers. No shop is complete without this kit.

Paper/Floppy Wheel Sharpening Kit 1/2" Arbor Specifications:

  • Razor Sharp 8" Deluxe Slotted Wheel.
  • The Original 8" Floppy Wheel 1/2 Hole.
  • Chunk of Floppy Wheel Compound.
  • Green Chromium Oxide Compound.
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