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Pillar Clock Plan

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Pillar Clock Plan

The Pillar Clock is a wonderful mantel clock that you'll be proud to display.

You can build this clock out of 1 wood or use different woods like we did.

We used our walnut plywood for the sides, oak hardwood for the trim and ash pillars.

Build it however you want but be sure to make the Pillar your next clock project.

Pillar Clock Specifications:

  • Measures 13" high x 10" wide x 5" deep.

Pillar Clock Plan Suggested Components:

  • Compact Quartz Pendulum Movement with 3/8" Max Dial Thickness and 7/16" Threaded Shaft Length.
  • 2 1/8" Pendulum Bob.
  • 16" Adjustable Pendulum Rod.
  • 1 3/8"  Hands.
  • 4"  Non-Hinged Glass Bezel Dial in Roman.
  • 11" Pillar.


This  Scroll Saw Pillar Clock Plan does not include materials or components.

You will recieve a full size paper plan which includes drawings to create your Pillar Clock.

  • All sales on plans are final. 
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