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Pygmy Owl Perching Carving Pattern

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Pygmy Owl Perching Carving Pattern

The Pygmy Owl Perching Carving Pattern is absolutely captivating . The pattern features detailed views of the Pygmy Owl in a perching position. Use the side view and top view to cut out your Owl, then start carving with the details that are included in this pattern.   The Pygmy Owl Perching Carving Pattern includes a side view, top view, a detail of the foot, a view from the front, and detail of the head.  Each view shows the feathering and details that you will need to finish your Owl.  When your ready to paint your carving try a  simple color palette which allows you to create incredible softness and variation by mixing and using acrylic colors.

Pygmy Owl Perching Carving Pattern Recommendations:

  • Materials suggested to carve the full size Pygmy Owl;

    • 4" x 4" x 8" block of Basswood or Tupelo.
    • 9 mm Yellow Eye's.
    • Feet.
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