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RAM BP50 Slim Handpiece & 1/8" Collet

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RAM is the leader in brushless micromotor technology with high torque and pure power design. This high level of performance comes with effort-free operation, providing increased comfort for the user.

Not to mention the unique motor design that makes these motors so quiet and vibration free as it is totally sealed along with a powerful magnetized motor shaft within a protective case.

Moreover, every brand has its own Brushless Motor Technology, but RAM products redefines affordability, making this incredible technology more accessible and easier on your pocketbook.

So if you're looking for superior comfort, long-term performance, and a slimmer handpiece, the BP50 Slim Handpiece is an ideal choice. Not only is it 20% lighter weight than the standard models - providing excellent control and reducing fatigue during extended periods of use - but it also packs the same degree of torque as its larger counterpart in a more compact frame.

On top of that, you get three times the torque power than regular brush motors, so you can trust this slim handpiece to assist in your work over time. The BP50 Slim is compatible with multiple controllers including the BP50, BP-HST, and Revolution 50. Moreover, included in this package is 6 foot coiled cord for extra convenience during operation.

RAM BP50 Slim Handpiece & 1/8" Collet Features

The BP50 Slim Handpiece is the perfect choice for any dental professional looking to maximize their efficiency and maximize comfort. This handpiece has a high speed of 0-50,000 RPM, allowing for work to be done quickly and effectively.

Moreover, the high torque and power mean that it is virtually impossible to stall, even during times of increased workload. With three times the power and torque of conventional brush type units, this handpiece provides greater productivity without increasing user fatigue. I

n addition, the convenient flexible coiled cord allows the user more freedom of movement while working; while features like the sealed rear motor eliminates dust ensure cleanliness and reliability. Lastly, the no carbon dust or carbon brushes design keeps maintenance in check with no cooling fan noise interrupting your workflow.

RAM BP50 Slim Handpiece & 1/8" Collet Specifications

  • Torque: 7.2Ncm
  • Size: 6”x11/16”
  • Net Weight: 5.68oz.


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