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Ram Goldie Tapered Cone Carbide Burr Fine Grit

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The Ram Goldie Carbide Burrs are the perfect tool for all of your precise filing and detailed work needs! These burrs come with a 3/32" shaft and are precision machined to provide maximum control and exact cuts.

The elegant gold plating gives a clean look while the pointed teeth ensure that they grab firm so you can file quickly and accurately. The burrs have long-lasting durability, making them an ideal choice for any job in which accuracy is of utmost importance for any job in which precision is key.

Their tapered cone styles provide the precision needed to get into tight spaces and help you avoid damaging other materials. You can also find a wide variety of sizes, ensuring that you have the right size for every job.

With Goldie carbide burs, you can accomplish intricate detailing with ease!

Ram Goldie Tapered Cone Carbide Burr Fine Grit Specifications:

  • The fine grit will leave a smooth finish.
  • The 1/8" cutter diameter on this large bur tapering to a rounded end.
  • This is a Gold Tapered Cone Burr.
  • Total length of bur including shank is 1 1/2".

 Plus, with so many sizes offered, you'll always have the right size for whatever job comes up. Goldie Carbide's burs make intricate detailing a breeze - why settle for anything less?

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