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Razaire Mini X60 Smoke Extractor

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1.60 LBS
  • This shows everything that is included with the Razaire Mini X60 Smoke Extractor.
  • Showing the Razaire  unit with the clear plastic hood is pulling the smoke away from the pyrographer as they are creating a Woodburning.
  • A photo showing the Razaire Mini with the base and the clear plastic from a side profile.
  • A view of the front side of the Razaire Mini X60 Smoke Extractor , with the two speed operation and an instruction booklet thats included.
  • This is the backside of the Razaire unit with the removable soft rubber Hood Grip.
  • Showing the original box the Razaire Mini X60 Smoke Extractor comes in with the company logo.
  • This photo features the Razaire Mini X60 Smoke Extractor with hood grip, and two speed control that is aasmebled and ready to use.
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A smoke extractor is a device that removes the smoke and vapors from burning material and traps it in filters. This prevents smoke from entering your lungs and causing resulting health issues.

The Mini X60 Smoke Extractor is the ultimate way to get clean, smoke-free air when using your wood burner. This compact and powerful extractor features a high-efficiency motor that quickly removes smoke and fumes from your workspace.

The Razaire Mini X60 also includes a built-in filter that captures airborne particles, ensuring that the air you’re breathing is always safe and clean.

Razaire Mini X60 Smoke Extractor Features

The Razaire Mini Smoke Extractor is the perfect solution for home use! It features a clear hood that can be removed for versatility, 2-speed operation, replaceable filters, and filter stages that can be added with the Expansion Kit. Plus, it can be mounted to compatible support for more flexibility.

The Mini X60 is the ideal smoke extractor for anyone who loves pyrography and wants to keep their pyrography workspace fresh. It's small, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep their workspace clean. With this smoke extractor, you'll be able to work in peace knowing that your workspace will stay smoke-free and it will ensure maximum smoke capture.

The Smoke Extractor is perfect for the home or workshop. It features a multi-stage carbon filtration system to remove smoke, odors, and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which increases the filtering efficiency.

The Razaire Mini works as a fan to draw air away from your burning surface even if the filters are removed or are no longer effective.

Razaire Mini X60 Smoke Extractor includes

  • Multi-Stage Carbon Filtration
  • 2-Speed Operation
  • Replaceable Filters for smoke capture and filtration
  • Filter stages can be added with the Expansion Kit
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • You can mount it to a solid surface for more flexibility
  • Clear Hood can be removed for versatility
  • Removable rubber soft Hood Grip
  • Instruction booklet included

The smoke extractor filters and cleans the air as it is drawn into the unit, providing a safer environment for both you and your family. With regular use, the filters will become clogged over time and will need to be replaced.

We want you to be happy with your purchase, so we offer a 3-year manufacturer warranty on this smoke extractor.

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer Warranty - Razaire Mini X60 - 3 (three) years.
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