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Razor Sharp

Razor Sharp 4" Shaper Wheel

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  • This is showing the Razor Sharp 4" Shaper Wheel from the side profile.
  • The Razor Sharp 4" Shaper Wheel showing the top profile of the wheel  with a hole in the center.


Razor Sharp 4" Shaper Wheel

Take control of your sharpening operations with a razor sharp 3" shaper wheel.  

This wheel can be used on any 1/2" arbor.  Use it flat as is or take a rasp and create the profile you need right on the wheel to sharpen those special tools.  The shaper wheel is made of compressed paper that creates a perfect surface to sharpen.  

Simply add a little jeweler's rouge to the wheel and sharpen in seconds.

Razor Sharp 4" Shaper Wheel specs:

  • 4" diameter wheel.
  • 1/4" Thick.
  • 1/2" arbor.
  • Use on the Burke Sharpener add on for profile sharpening.  
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