Religious Scroll Saw Patterns

Saw to your hearts content with some of the most ornate and prolific religious scroll saw plans.

Share your faith through scroll sawing. Cherry Tree Toys has taken pride in the abundance of religious woodworking patterns that we have available. Most of the patterns are exclusive Wildwood Designs patterns.

Crosses, prayers, angels, readings, psalms, menorah's and blessings can be found in our wide collection of scroll saw patterns.

Building your favorite religious items can be rewarding for yourself as you focus on the meaning of the project. These items will also make the perfect gifts for confirmations, wedding anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, Easter and other special days in your lives.

A lot of the religious scroll saw patterns are made from 1/4" or 1/8" material. We have found that our 1/8" Italian Poplar plywood works wonderful for scroll sawing out the intricate letters in the larger patterns, like the 23rd Psalm. The Italian poplar is easy to finish with a water based acrylic clear coat.