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SaburrTooth 3/8" Rotosaw Burr Coarse 3/32" Shank

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The green SaburrTooth 1/4" x 3/16" Rotosaw Burr Coarse Grit 3/32" Shank is shaped flat on top. This Saburrtooth burr is the ultimate burr for concave cuts and hollowing especially  for bird carving and facial details on character carvings.  The coarse 1/4" Rotosaw burr is from Saburrtooth and made to cut fast and easy with carbide cutting teeth. The head of the rototsaw is bonded in a way that resemble little spikes.  You can use them in almost any of your Power carving machines.

SaburrTooth 3/8" Rotosaw Burrs Are Used For:

  • Removing Unwanted Wood.
  • Roughing.
  • Shaping.
  • Detailing.
  • Texturing.

SaburrTooth 3/8" Rotosaw Burr Coarse Grit Specifications:

  • Rotosaw Shape Bur.
  • 1/4" Diameter.
  • 3/16" Head Length.
  • 3/32" Shank.
  • Green Coarse Texture.
  • Carbde Cutting Teeth.
  • Recommended Operating Speed: 4,000- 25000 RPM
  • Made in the USA.

You can use the SaburrTooth 1/4" x 3/16" Rotosaw Burr Coarse Grit 3/32" Shank on wood, foam, rubber, sillicone, plastic, bone, ice, polyurethane, epoxies, acrylics, composites, graphite, soap stone, and alabaster.


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