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Sanding Detailer Stick 1/4" 320 Grit

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The Color Coded Detailer Sanding sticks are a great way to get the sanding done quickly and fast.  Put a different grit in each of the different colored sticks to keep your sanding operation going without the hassle of messy sandpaper chaos. The 1/4" Detailer Sanding Stick comes with one belt that is 320 grit loaded onto the black sanding stick

The Sanding Detailer Stick is a unique tool developed for those hard-to-reach areas.  The Sanding Detailer gives you three different working surfaces and the ability to use the entire sanding belt.  It has a rounded work surface on the end, a tapered end for those intricate areas, and a four-inch flat work surface.  The Sanding Detailer is spring-tensioned for easy removal of the belt, but it keeps the belt snug and secures while sanding.

Sanding Detailer Stick 1/4" 320 Grit Replaces

  • Files.
  • Swiss Files.
  • Folded Sandpaper.
  • Ceramic Scrapers.
  • Nail Files.

Sanding Detailer Sticks are color-coded for each grit. Order a different stick for each grit. Each stick includes one Sanding band.

Sanding Detailer Stick Grits Available

  • 80 grit is a Grey Stick.
  • 120 grit is a Red Stick.
  • 180 grit is an Orange Stick
  • 240 grit is a Blue Stick.
  • 320 grit is a Green Stick.
  • 400 grit is a Yellow Stick
  • 600 grit is a Black Stick
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