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Sanding Sleeve 1/2 x 1 Medium (80 Grit)

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When it comes to sanding, having good materials is essential, and with Sanding Sleeves 1/2" x 1", you can trust that your results will be consistent and reliable.

These sleeves feature a spiral-coated abrasive with Aluminum Oxide resin bond and hard cloth backs, so you can balance the material removal with just the right amount of pressure for your project.

And since there's six in a package, you'll always have enough for any project on hand. Don't hesitate to replace those worn out sanding sleeves with Sanding Sleeves 1/2" x 1", for results that you can trust.

Recommendations For Sanding Sleeve 1/2 x 1 Medium  (80 Grit)

So if you’re looking for an easy and effective way to do some serious sanding on your next project, the Sanding Drum 1/2" x 1" is an excellent choice with these sleeves.

Featuring a solid rubber expandable drum with a 1/2" diameter and 1" length, this drum can securely hold sandpaper sleeves in place with its locking nut that tightens and expands.

Get ready to make short work of even the toughest sanding jobs with this great tool!

Drums are sold separately.

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