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Scroll Saw Workbook 3rd Edition

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Scroll Saw Workbook 3rd Edition

The Scroll Saw Workbook 3rd Edition by John A. Nelson is the ultimate Scroll Saw Guide.  The Scroll Saw Workbook 3rd Edition comprises a variety of information about scroll saws. The Scroll Saw Workbook 3rd Edition has information about blades, accessories and materials that can be used with your scroll saw. This book is like having an experienced scroller right in your shop! You will learn to master your scroll saw in 25 skill-building chapters. Each chapter you will learn a specific technique, you will then use that technique to make a great piece of art. As you progress, each chapter builds on the previous skills you've already learned. Once you have finished this scroll saw guide you will feel very confident in yourself that you will be doing scroll saw work like never before!

Scroll Saw Workbook 3rd Edition features:

  • 25 skill-building practice exercises.
  • Patterns and step-by-step cutting instructions.
  • Blades, accessories, equipment, materials and procedures.
  • Stack cutting, relief, inlay, compound, segmentation and more.
  • Updated guide to today's best scroll saws. 

 Scroll Saw Workbook 3rd Edition Specifications:

  • Sofcover.
  • 96 Pages.
  • Author; John A. Nelson.


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