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Spray Finishing

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Spray Finishing and Other Techniques

Every woodworker wants a finish on there project that looks spectacular, with this book Spray Finishing, you will learn how to choose and use equipment, and prepare finishes for spraying. With improved finishes and tools, spray finishing is within the reach of any woodworker. In addition, there are articles on other non-traditional finishing methods such as rubbing out finishes with auto body compounds, spraying paint, and using water-borne finishes. After reading this book and using the advice provided, your work will have a spectacular finish!

Spray Finishing Contents Includes:

  • Choosing a Finish.
  • Surface Preparation.
  • Spray Equipment.
  • Spray-Finishing Technique.
  • Aerosol Finishes.
  • Special Techniques. 


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This book is non-returnable due to the nature of books and damages that may occur.
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