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Spruce Grouse Standing Carving Pattern

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Spruce Grouse Standing Carving Pattern

The Spruce Grouse Standing Carving Pattern is a captivating design. Something magical happens when carving game birds, as the sawdust flies and you get closer to your finished wood carving there's a feeling of accomplishment. Discover the classic craft as you develop your own style while carving the Spruce Grouse . Each finished piece has it's own story to tell as you define the fine lines and areas in your design. 

Carve a Spruce Grouse in the standing position with the Stiller Spruce Grouse Standing Carving Pattern.  The pattern features detailed views of the grouse.  Use the side view and top view to cut out your grouse, then start carving with the details that are included in this pattern.  The Spruce Grouse Standing Carving Pattern includes a side view, top view, a detail of the foot, a view from the front and detail of the head.  Each view shows the feathering and details that you will need to finish your Spruce Grouse.

Spruce Grouse Standing Carving Pattern:

  • Materials suggested to carve the full size 14" Long Spruce Grouse; 

    • 5" x 9" x 14" block of Basswood or Tupelo.
    • 8 mm Hazel Eye's.
    • We do carry Delise replica cast feet for this Stiller pattern.
  • Materials suggested to carve the 1/2 size 6 1/2" Long Spruce Grouse;

    • 3" x 5" x 7" block of Basswood or Tupelo.
    • 4 mm Hazel Eye's.
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