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With over 800 woodworking, wood carving and wood turning tools, Stryi is the brand you should be looking for.  Stryi has developed tools in the Eastern European carving tradition that have unique profiles and are extremely sharp.

The Stryi Wood Carving tools are made of W1-7 carbon steel with a Rockwell hardness of 60-62, they feature oak handles and are pre-sharpened for your carving pleasure. Stryi was the first Ukranian manufacturer of wood carving tools.

Every chisel, carving gouge and turning tool is tested for quality control at Stryi.  They test the hardness, sharpness and control the hardening procedures to ensure that every tool with stand up to your everyday needs.

Stryi is committed to quality carving tools that are ergonomically correct and comfortable.

The wood turning tools from Stryi are made of that same quality with attention to detail that other brands forget about.

The selection of Stryi tools includes chisels for carpentry, chip carving knives, detail and fine carving knives, marking blades, the Bogorodsko carving knives, spoon carving gouges, sculptural gouges, European style gouges, carving tool sets, wood turning tools, wood turning tool sets among others.

Try a Ukranian wood carving or wood turning tool on one of your projects and you'll see the quality that goes into every tool.