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Stubai 6pc Micro Carving Tool Set

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Stubai 6pc Micro Carving Tool Set

Stubai 6pc Micro Carving Tool Set are a perfect match for detail carvings. Weather your an advanced carver or a beginner you'll love love the way the Stubai micro carving tools feel in your hand. These tools are part of the Stubai Micro series.  The Stubai micro carving tools feature shorter handles that are smaller with a flat back.  They are super easy to grip and maneuver letting you get into tight areas with control and ease.

Stubai 6pc Micro Carving Tool Set Includes:

  • #1 x 3mm Chisel.
  • #2 x 5mm Skew Chisel.
  • #3 x 3mm Gouge.
  • #7 x 5mm Gouge.
  • #8 x 3 mm Spoon Gouge.
  • #11 x 3mm Veiner

All Stubai micro tools are made from alloy steel with a HRC 59-60 featuring hand forged surface, heat treated and tempered by European master craftsmen.  The internal ferrule prevents the handle from splitting. Every Stubai tool is inspected after each step of the manufacturing process, insuring a premium tool.

Each tool comes with the sweep stamped on it and the Stubai emblem. Look for Stubai quality.  

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