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Table Top Speed Control for TX TXH LX and LXH Motors

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3.00 LBS


For carvers, Table Top Speed Control is essential. The Foredom Magnetic Table Top Dial Speed Control offers the precision needed to guarantee accurate speeds and produce the desired results.

With its heavy-duty plastic housing and a dial, it works perfectly with the TX, TXH, LX, and LXH series motors as well as other permanent magnet motors.

However, it won’t work with SR and universal motors. Its 115 volts for US users will provide an on/off option as well as a variable dial that allows for precise control. 

With its special electronics that converts AC current from an electrical outlet to DC current and a different style plug made to fit the motor’s shielded-type plug, this control allows you to adjust and set your desired speed with ease.

It also has a replaceable fuse that provides protection during power surges and work overloads, making it both durable and reliable.

In addition, this manual style control has the added benefit of returning to previously set speeds without difficulty and can be placed anywhere on a work surface at 5 inches long, 5 3/4 inches wide, and 2 5/8 inches high .

Table Top Speed Control for TX TXH LX and LXH Motors Specifications:

  • 8.25 × 6.5 × 4.5 inches

 So if you're a carver needing Table Top Speed Control, this product from Foredom is one to consider.

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