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The Woodworker's Complete Shop Reference

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The Woodworker's Complete Shop Reference is a must-have for any woodworker. With an incredibly comprehensive overview and answers to the most frequent questions, this useful resource provides quick and easy solutions for even the most seasoned woodworkers.

This amazing book covers topics such as wood selection, furniture finishing, tips, guidelines and more - perfect for those with varying levels of experience and knowledge! Make The Woodworker's Complete Shop Reference part of your arsenal today; you'll have quick access to practically any question or problem in no time!

Woodworkers looking to save time and effort during their projects require all the information in one place. Woodworkers Reference is an essential resource, offering quality guidance on hardwoods, softwoods, imports, measurements and furniture styles - including fasteners, knobs and brackets, shop math ideas, formulas and charts for making it simpler to understand, power tools from miter saws to planers understanding what they do and the 32mm (Euro) system for installation.

Woodworkers Reference also covers glues and adhesives that have different advantages as well as joint illustrations for a variety of scenarios. Woodworkers can rely on Woodworker’s Reference to find information about hand tools such as planes, chisels and files quickly for their woodworking projects.

If you're looking for a comprehensive reference book on everything related to woodworking, this is it! This shop reference contains expert advice and invaluable tips on a variety of topics, including sharpening complete coverage of angles, stones, and grinders; finishing guidelines for applying common stains and top coats; and safely setting up a shop with safety tips and set-up guidelines.

It's packed with colorful illustrations and detailed photos to help reinforce the information at hand, plus dozens of listings for various sources and supplies. Additionally, this reference book shares an array of details about fascinating woodworking people, places, and history from around the world that are sure to enthrall any serious enthusiast.

The Woodworker's Complete Shop Reference Specifications:

  • Softcover
  • 144 Pages
  • Author - Jenifer Churchill
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